Deep root fertilizing (DRF) is an effective method of replenishing essential nutrients within poor soil structure as a means of increasing the health of trees and shrubs of all shapes and sizes.

DRF injects a soluble, nutrient rich fertilizer directly into the ground allowing for optimal absorption by the fine root hairs.

Deep root ferilizing is one of our best tools in our tool kit when working towards developing strong, healthy trees.

Properties in a built environment have had nutrient rich soil stripped away during excavation. This soil is typically replaced with insufficient depth or non native soils deficient of the nutrients required by trees for optimal growth.

Spring applications boost the production of buds, foliage and fruit while a fall application helps the tree prepare for the long harsh winter. 

DRF is also a great immune booster guarding against insects and diseases. For more detailed information, check out our YouTube video on our Treescape Channel!