Tree Pruning

Pruning your tree will give it a beautiful, healthy appearance, and maximize structural integrity as it grows. General tree trimming involves removing dead, diseased, or damaged wood affording your tree the freedom to feed new healthy growth and reach its physical and aesthetic potential.

Precise tree pruning around your home or facility will beautify your property and help eliminate looming and potential hazards.

Tree pruning is one of the most important tools in our tree care tool kit. With a few properly placed pruning cuts your tree can reach it’s full potential. Our Certified Arborists come with the latest tools and techniques for maximum impact pruning. Treescape adheres to ANSI 300 standards and specializes in the following areas:

Pruning Mature Trees

Care for our older trees keeps them around for as long as possible. We focus on improving structure and eliminating hazardous material to create a safer environment. It’s important to do all we can to keep our beloved trees happy.

Pruning Young Trees

This is typically overlooked by homeowners. It is so very important to establish a strong branch structure to allow trees to weather heavy storms as they mature. A regular pruning schedule is advised as it will save you money over time!

Pruning Damaged Trees

A tree holding onto dead/dying/diseased material requires an incredible amount of resources. Removing this material allows the tree to shift its focus from shedding to healthy growth. Plus the added benefit of a fresh, healthy appearance.

With every tree pruning quote, Treescape plants a tree through WeForest!

Utility Line Pruning

Treescape Certified Arborists is the only local company recognized by Peterborough Distribution Inc. as “qualified” to work around their energized equipment.

Damage to your incoming utility lines and subsequent power outages can be avoided. Reduce the likelihood of unnecessary outages by maintaining the trees surrounding your utility lines.

Our utility arborists have the expertise and training to prune and remove trees within proximity of all utility lines (including live energized equipment) while maintaining the integrity of your trees and existing privacy screens.


Our fleet includes dielectric aerial trucks and specialized equipment to ensure optimal safety of both our crew members and the property owner.

IMPORTANT — Working around energized equipment is very dangerous and should only be done by trained and experienced contractors who are pre-approved by the local power authority.