Stump Grinding

Treescape provides tree stump grinding services for any size tree stump.  Our equipment is compact and won’t tear up your turf like other heavy equipment. We will remove and recycle that old stump quickly with little to no impact to your property.

Here is an efficient way to remove unwanted tree stumps. The rotating cutter disc chips away at your stump removing the remaining stem and any visible roots to below grade. The grinder is moved around on tracks so there is no damage to your lawn or walkways. Our most versatile stump grinder can fit through a backyard gate as small as 36 inches.

In short, you don’t have to ignore or mow around those unsightly trip hazards on your property any longer. Request that after your tree has been removed take advantage of this environmentally friendly option of removing your stump.

At last, the debris left after the stumping process is a mixture of dirt and wood chips. This makes for excellent mulch for a vegetable garden or flower bed. Make sure to let our estimator know if you’d like it to remain on site.

We provide stump grinding services to Peterborough, Ennismore, Lakefield, Buckhorn, Bridgenorth, Omemee, Lakehurst, Douro, Millbrook and Keene. In business since 1997!