Tree Removal Service

Trees are very important to all of us. We do our very best to save as many as we can. Sometimes trees are too sick or in a bad spot and cannot be saved. Then the only option may be to remove the tree.

When considering tree removal you want to be sure you have knowledge and safety at top of mind. Large trees, confined spaces, landscaping, difficult access can all make for a complicated and risky project.

Treescape has well trained crews that specialize in hazardous tree removal. We are experienced in extracting trees in confined spaces – our specialty is tricky backyards. Our fleet of equipment including bucket trucks and wood chippers allow for quick tree cutting and thorough clean up. No tree is too big or too small.

There are a number of reasons why our clients decide to remove a tree.

Old Age

Advanced years have left the tree in poor condition. Regular maintenance is becoming unsustainable. Safety concerns regarding its soundness and structural integrity are at top of mind.

Creating Space

Plans for a new shed or house addition may require the removal of nearby trees. Or perhaps clearing the way to create a sight line to the lake or increase backyard sunshine for the benefit of gardens and lawn areas.

Too Much Clean Up

Too many leaves in the fall to rake and bag. Excessive seeds ending up in the pool. Even fruit or nuts in the eavestroughs have triggered tree removal. Messy trees can be a burden on a homeowner trying to keep their property tidy. Don’t forget to have the stump removed!

Declining Health

Construction damage, drought or flooding, and disease such as Emerald Ash Borer or Gypsy Moth has resulted in rapid decline and necessary tree removal.

Poor Structure

Lack of routine maintenance has left the tree poorly formed and displays defects such as cracks or cavities. These trees are susceptible to wind and storm events and may threaten the house or garage.

Tree Removal Cost

The cost to remove a tree is determined by one of our Certified Arborists. The best way we can serve our clients is to meet them on site to discuss the project and answer any questions. This allows our estimator to properly assess the scope of work, access, challenges and determine necessary equipment. Free of charge, a quote will be provided to you with all the details.

Treescape Certified Arborists provides tree removal and tree cutting services in Peterborough and the Kawarthas, including Ennismore, Lakefield, Buckhorn, Bridgenorth, Omemee, Millbrook, Lindsay, Douro, and Keene.

Don’t trust just anyone with your project as tree removal is complicated and dangerous. Our Certified Arborists and ground staff come highly trained, fully insured and covered with WSIB. We are proud of our 24 year no-lost-time injury record.