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Top Three Tree Inquiries from the Home Outdoor & Design Show

Peterborough Home Outdoor and Design Show

Treescape Certified Arborists were exhibitors at The Peterborough Home Outdoor and Design Show last weekend for our fourteenth year in a row! An impressive number of exhibitors and patrons packed the Memorial Centre and Morrow Building to experience the show that just seems to keep getting bigger and better with age.

Residential Tree Care: Top Three Tree Inquiries

We enjoyed speaking with many people about their residential tree care concerns. Here are the top three tree inquiries and related topics that people had from the show:

  1. Pruning and management of mature trees,
  2. TreeAzin, and the potential of Emerald Ash Borer in Peterborough and the Kawarthas, and (since spring is around the corner),
  3. when is the best time of year to transplant trees?

We also received many requests for free estimates, to which Mike Crough will be replying for the next two weeks.

Mike Crough

Mike Crough, Founder & President of Treescape

Finally, no show is complete for us without the delightful requests like, ‘Can we have a balloon?’, and ‘Is this the tunnel to the Morrow Building?’ which was directly opposite our booth. Of course, we said yes to every request!




Master Arborist, Paul Hambidge (right) and son—a master knot tier—prepare a balloon for an interested patron.

Thanks to all the friends and customers for saying “hi”. We always enjoy seeing people gearing up for spring and for the warm growing season ahead.

Happy spring planting!



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Treescape in the Community

Each year, whether it’s the end of the world or not, we like to give back to the community.

In past years, we have supported and volunteered at events like the Peterborough Green-Up neighbourhood forest inventories, community schoolyard tree plantings, and the development of new urban forest policies to protect and celebrate heritage trees. This year, we supported sports and the arts.

In 2012, we are proud to report that we sponsored the following community agencies/projects:

  • The Peterborough Singers
  • The Peterborough Symphony Orchestra, and
  • The Ennismore Community Centre Addition & Renovation project

We will continue to support these types of initiatives into 2013 and look forward to future opportunities to engage with new friends and community partners.

Thank you!

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Rooted in Excellence grows new shoots

With a company slogan like “Rooted in Excellence”, Treescape takes great pride and care in doing everything to the best of our abilities. If we’re not confident that we will succeed in doing something properly, we won’t do it.  Take tree climbing for example.  It may seem like a risky pursuit for some, but we know what we’re doing every step of the way.  We have years of experience and expert training in tree health analysis and risk assessment to support the decisions we make (that’s right, we’re also big, strong folk who know how to use a chainsaw).  But, when it came time for us to start blogging, we ran away screaming up a tree — well, not quite.  Although we had the technical tools in place to join the world of social media, it just took some time for our best intentions to take root.

Today, we celebrate the growth of a new branch—our web resources and communications department—as well as (drum roll please) our very first blog post!

While we enter the “bloggosphere” with some caution, we do it with the knowledge that going out on a new limb can only teach us to become better at what we do.  We look forward to sharing our news, tree care tips, and green infrastructure insights with you here.  Please feel free to engage with us on Facebook, Twitter, (through the links above) or contact us through our blog. We’re new to this, after all, so your feedback is welcome.

Here’s to growing new shoots and to a happy new year ahead.

All the best, The Treescape Team

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