Don’t move firewood—A wood heating reminder

Now that heating season is upon us, we want to remind our readers about the DON’T MOVE FIREWOOD campaign. Whether you are burning wood for a seasonal mood-setting luxury, or burning wood out of necessity to stay warm, be sure to not transport or support the transportation of firewood across regulated areas.

People who move regulated materials (like firewood) from regulated areas without the permission of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) could face fines and/or prosecution. You are aiding the spread of forest diseases and pests.

The CFIA is the governing body that issues notices of prohibition of movement, which relate to the areas regulated and affected by known outbreaks. The outbreak of the emerald ash borer in many areas across Southern Ontario means DON’T MOVE FIREWOOD applies to a large percentage of the population.

So, if you live in Haliburton, you’re likely burning wood from Haliburton and have nothing to worry about. The source for local suppliers up there is abundant. But if you live in the Peterborough area, be sure that you’re not bringing in wood from our neighbours in the Oshawa area. Durham Region, for example, is now a regulated area.


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