Can you prune trees in winter?

Pruning in winterMany of our clients ask us, “What time of year is best to prune trees? Can you prune trees in winter?” to which we reply, “Good question!”

If you were pruning for fruit production, timing can be critical. You would definitely want to consult with an arborist about the specific needs of your fruit tree. But for general pruning, there is no bad time of year.

“For general pruning, there is no bad time of year.”

Now that winter is here, and deciduous foliage has fallen, many arborists take advantage of clear views into the structure of trees to study branch arrangement and any questionable, diseased, or broken branches to be pruned.

If you think your trees may need pruning, here is a short educational video to help you learn the why, what, and when of pruning trees.

Please give us a call if you need help determining whether your trees need any of the following:

  • Thinning of the crown to allow air flow.
  • Removal of hazard branches
  • Improving the view through a tree
  • Elevating a tree
  • Removal of dead wood
  • Pruning of damaged or broken branches
  • Pruning of diseased branches
  • Pruning of rubbing branches
  • Pruning of any other areas that are densely branched.

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